180 Degree Resorts

180 Degree Resorts is a hidden treasure, the untold story of nature’s best painting. In this Pink Winter,Kantatal brings the warmth of a beautiful and charming place with orchards of apples, peaches, plums, pears, apricots and more, Kanatal is the fruit basket of the Garhwal. Famous for its Himalayan fruits, this besides being an important cash crop lends themselves to enhance scenic charm of the area with their blossom and fruit laden trees, rich in colour and fragrance.Unarguably, 180 Degree Resorts has one of the most beautiful sunset in the entire country. The sunset at Kanatal occasionally manifests a riot of colours with the dominating tang of fiery orange. The rapidly changing texture of the sky along with the colour riot thrown by Sun God is best evidenced at Kanatal and has its dedicated admirers in our own India who come to Kanatal several times a year, every year to soak this. The 180 Degree Resorts is well perched on a cliff with unbridled view of the entire valley and clear view right up to New Tehri. 180 Degree Resorts Kanatal is all about the view, the majestic view of God’s creation which gets city slickers like us travel all the way up. The cool air and the freshness complements the view to make it a complete whole. The luxurious resort situated in Kanatal at a height of 8500 ft (2590metres) is covered by snow in winters and has a pleasant weather during summer which makes one to spend best time among nature. Kanatal is known for its mesmerizing beauty, beautiful sights, verdant forests, invigorating winds and tranquil weather. It presents a perfect getaway from Delhi. It’s a small little town near Mussorie, relatively unknown to the outside world. Easily accessible by road, train or even by air it provides the perfect retreat from the hassles of daily life – a perfect place to have a word with nature in its purest form. The drive to Kanatal from Rishikesh (65 kms, 2 hours ) gives some sights to behold and once the Ganges river starts flowing between the mountains, While our hills may not be as manicured but the quality of the sights and the texture of the colour green is uniquely superior. 180 Degree Resorts is one place which will not be just a once in a lifetime visit. The awesome view from the resorts, the comforts inside, the mesmerizing sunset and several hidden treasures are sure to sit in your mind and beckon you back, again and again and you will come, for sure!
LOCATION 7 Km Stone, Chamba Mussorie Road | P.O. Kanatal, Tehri 249145, India.