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About us

We are “Rendezvous Outdoors” established in November, 2006 is one of the best place which offer great, exotic and adventurous water sports and luxurious camping/Night stay in Rishikesh at affordable prices. Rendezvous has always been a place for each and every individual from all over the world for their recreation in land of Rishis and Holy River Ganges for lovely sports like White Water Rafting, Luxurious Camping, Trekking and All adventure activity. We have 100% guest satisfaction rate with lot of repetitive and referrals clients which reflects the success of our service & camping experience with the goodwill and loyalty we have generated of our clients. Looking for a long term mutual business relationship. Rendezvous Outdoors are a Luxurious Camping, Rafting and Adventure tourism firm Located in Rishikesh. Rafting on ganges river, rafting in shivpuri, kayaking, Riverrafting at Rishikesh, Luxurious camping and night stay in natural environment brings a freshness and charged your energy for further jobs. Riverrafting at Rishikesh, Shivpuri on Ganges.

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